A Little Bit is a Big Deal

As camp staff (and as a parent) I recently had a conversation that had a huge impact on me. A long-time camp supporter came to me with her children, Ellie, age 6, and Chase, age 3. She shared that they had been working on helping their children, particularly Ellie, start to learn about charitable giving. Ellie, who will be attending camp for the first time this summer, recently started receiving an allowance. A portion of her allowance each week goes to three jars. One for spending, one for saving, and one to save to donate to a charity of her choice. A quarter in each, and then she gets to choose where the last quarter goes. 
During the month of June their family focused on serving at OPCRC, they came out and worked on our new climbing cave, they weeded the sand box, and they played  a lot with camp staff’s children! Through those trips and conversations at home Ellie and Chase picked some toys and clothes, sold them at the local consignment store, and donated $25 to our campership fund. As Ellie stated “so kids that couldn’t come to camp, can now!” 
Now, you are maybe thinking “oh, that is sweet!” But, here is what I thought. “Wow!” 
That’s it, just “Wow!” What if each family that has ties to one of our camps found a way to give a little. Maybe it is $5, maybe it is $25, maybe it is $200. Maybe it is weeding some flower beds or painting a wall or two. But what if everyone did it? A gift of $25 may seem little. But I think it is gigantic! I think we can look at it as one of the biggest gifts we have received because $25 is a huge amount of money from a child who gets $1 a week for allowance. Kudos to Ellie and Chase’s parents for making these lessons important in their family now. Lessons of service work, financial responsibility, and charity. 
Finally, a tremendous thanks to ALL who donate to our missions and ministries. There are individuals and families that make huge sacrifices to give as much as they are able. Each and every gift makes something possible, just like Ellie and Chase’s gift makes it possible for someone to come to camp. And THAT, kids, is a pretty big deal.