Ocean Park: Crafting Retreat

by Carole Scheer, Ocean Park Administrative Assistant

Today we welcome our annual Fall Craft Retreat, one of three annual craft retreats that are some of Ocean Park’s most popular events. These retreats bring together women from all over the conference, both Methodist and non-Methodist, from a variety of walks of life. They spend the weekend chatting over their projects, eating great food, praying and worshiping together, learning new skills, and laughing (a lot!) In the last three years these retreats have blossomed, all because of the great volunteer leaders that step up for each event, and the ideas and suggestions of attendees. We meet new faces each time a retreat comes along, usually because “My friend so-and-so said I had to come to this retreat!” We take that as the highest compliment possible, when retreaters go home and think it was so amazing that they not only come back throughout the year, but bring along a friend! In addition to the traditions that were in place for the fall and winter retreats, we have added a Wednesday arrival option, a masseuse (now THAT was a great idea!), and last spring a third retreat that included the option of crafting classes! All because those who loved the retreats already had ideas to make them even better! 
Now, not all of us craft (I don’t!) and not all of us are women! But we believe there is a place at OPCRC for each and every person. So what would YOU like to see happening? Youth and men: What would make a great retreat? Ladies: not into crafting? What ARE you into? We are looking for your brilliant ideas, put them out there and let’s see what we can create!