Ocean Park: Friends, Volunteers, and Fun with Numbers

Written by Brandon Scheer: Ocean Park Director,

Ocean Park Camp & Retreat Center continues to pride itself on offering quality and affordable facilities and programs for its campers, guests and retreat groups. However, this is not possible without the key functions of two very special groups.

  • First, our donors. These wonderful people care so much about what we do and how we do it, that they give of their financial gifts to help us keep camp affordable. More about our generous donors and their work in a future post.
  • The second very special group of friends are our VOLUNTEERS! It is their work that brings quality, excellence and passion to our mission. There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer. Let me share!


Program Volunteers

These are the face to face, hands-on individuals interacting with our campers and retreaters. Roles may vary from Deaning (Program Director) a program to small group leader or support staff. Within the support staff are nurses, activity leaders, crafting specialists, kitchen and administration help. By offering these opportunities to serve, we find our programs filled with passion and expertise in a variety of fields. All of these things combined provide excellent programming.


Site Volunteers

This group is dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of our facilities. From skilled trades to general landscaping and cleaning, there is a project for all levels of ability. When our guests arrive to facilities that are clean and maintained, they can best enjoy their time in God’s creation that surrounds them. Additionally, by having this work done with the help of our volunteers, we can really keep the cost down and make our ministry more accessible for everyone to enjoy.


Board and Site Advisory Team

Finally, our volunteers that continually help shape the mission of our camp. Our board and site advisory team spend a great deal of their time ensuring that we continue to follow God in our program and site development. Additionally, are the volunteers and friends of OPCRC go out and share with churches and groups all that we have to offer.

Today I’d like to focus on site volunteers. When I arrived at Ocean Park three years ago we had a full-time maintenance person. When he announced his retirement, the decision was made not to refill that position, not because it was not needed, but from a financial perspective. This decision has made a huge difference in the bottom line for our finances while at the same time allowing us to make and strengthen connections with individuals willing to give of their skills to make sure our site is the best it can be.


Fun With Numbers

The realities of upkeep on 100 acres and 22 buildings is that it takes a LOT of work! Whether it is a group of NOMADS repainting a building or providing maintenance on a vehicle or a family sewing curtains or repairing decks, every minute spent is valuable.

  • 16 hours to mow the property; 4 hours to trim around buildings, and 5-6 months of the year that has to happen weekly.
  • 36 hours a year are spent grading the roads and repairing potholes.
  • 40 hours a year are spent splitting wood, and that doesn’t include falling trees or getting the wood from the woods to the splitter!
  • 40 hours a year are spent repairing toilets, sinks, pipe breakage, and other plumbing issues.
  • Over 100 hours a year are spent maintaining our water system, making repairs and doing daily, monthly and annual tests of our water quality.


These are just some of the constant needs, not even touching on deck repairs, roof leaks, fresh paint, window and gutter cleaning, and the list goes on and on.

So, THANK YOU to those who are always willing to share themselves to make what needs to happen, happen. And remember, no matter who you are, there is a place for you to serve in Ocean Park!

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