Ocean Park: Friends of Camp

Written by Brandon Scheer: Ocean Park Director, 
Last month I discussed two very significant groups that help to keep Ocean Park a quality and affordable ministry so that all can feel welcome and experience God in our sacred space. Last month I highlighted the great work of our volunteers and many projects they complete to help keep our facilities in great shape. This month I would like to spotlight the other very significant and special friends of OPCRC, our DONORS!
Our donors come in all shapes and sizes and each and everyone of them is so important to our ministry. We have donors as young as preschool who have sold some of their toys to give to money to help other kids make it to camp. There are our faithful donors that have joined our monthly giving club to help create a consistent income stream for camp to operate. We have a wonderful group of annual donors (churches and individuals) who are part of our Adopt-A-Building program. These generous people help to financially support some of the ongoing maintenance for each of our aging buildings. Others give annually to the Campership fund, a designated way for OPCRC to be able to provide scholarships so that all may enjoy the experience of camp. Finally, there are the annual or one time donors who have been inspired by the value of camp in his/her life and want to insure that opportunity for future generations.

Where does this money go?

How does it support the ministry? As I shared with you last month, we pride ourselves on providing Quality and Affordable facilities and programs for our campers and guests. In order to properly maintain our facilities, in some cases, this can cost more than our fees typically cover. 

Fun Facts

  • Fertilizer to maintain healthy grass, not pristine, just healthy $1400 annually
  • Paint for buildings approximately  $.10 ft2 with the average building needing about 1200 ft2 for one coat of paint. There are 22 buildings on site.
  • Gravel for our roads and parking lots $300 per 10 yds3. It would take 443 yds3 to resurface all of our roads and parking lots.
  • Camperships in 2016 for Ocean Park campers totaled $7,855. That is over 40 people experiencing camp because of this opportunity.
  • Love, Laughter and Learning Center Preschool scholarships 2016-2017 school year $2060
  • Roofing material at $1.70 per linear foot. We currently have 8 roofs leaking, some of which need to be replaced entirely.


So, how can you help?

Please pray for the ministry of OPCRC. God continues to bless us with the right people, money and tools at the right time. Second, consider making a gift or joining our monthly giving club. Another way to help would be an in-kind gift (a product, equipment or materials) that would help further the ministry. Finally, come and participate in our programs or bring your group, church, organization out for a retreat. 

Match Deal

We were recently blessed by a donor whose family is passionate about the ministry of Ocean Park. They are challenging all of our OPCRC friends to come together to raise $25,000 or more which will be matched at $25,000. This is an amazing opportunity to help us get out of a situation of deferred maintenance and into a system of ongoing care for our facilities. 
When our donors and volunteers come together, great things happen! 
Thank you for being a friend of Ocean Park Camp & Retreat Center! 



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