Brenda Mower

Brenda came to the Peninsula on July 4, 2016.  She moved here to Pastor alongside her husband at a church in Ocean Park.  Brenda earned her Master’s degree in Counseling through Seminary.  She has experience in teaching ages preschool through the 12th grade since 2005. She enjoys the outdoors and is in love with the wildlife here on the peninsula.

Brenda has experience in children's ministry and worship.  She started leading worship at the early age of 12.  She had served at a private school as a Director of Fine Arts for two years before their move to the Peninsula.  Her work in teaching includes the subjects of Literacy, Music, and Spanish.

Brenda's favorite times include being in the outdoors and worship with her church family.  She also loves spending time with her two kids, Rachel and Ezra, and her husband.


Phone: (360) 721.4025