Welcome to Ocean Park Camp & Retreat Center! We work in partnership with the United Methodist congregations of the Pacific NW Conference to strengthen the relationships with our Creator and Savior as well as with one another. Additionally, we strive to create partnerships within our local community and schools to encourage the learning process and growth in self-confidence. 

Our mission is to be sanctuaries of Christian hospitality, renewal and learning within God’s natural world. Sanctuaries that celebrate diversity, inspire love and service, and fulfill our special partnership with local churches in nurturing disciples and spiritual leaders

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$26,770 RAISED!

$25,000 MATCH GOAL

Thank you to everyone for your generous support! We are excited to announce that we have met and exceeded our goal! In the winter of 2017, a third of our buildings required immediate attention, primarily in the area of roofs. While programming is the heart of our ministry, our infrastructures are essential to meeting the needs of our guests and campers. We are exceedingly grateful for all who donated to our ministry this winter. Keep your eyes and ears open for our next adventure!  


Here are a few of our numbers from last year...just for fun. Enjoy!

156Summer Campers
1262Retreat Guests
120Screamer Rides