Interested in helping to keep-up the wonderful facilities and grounds of OPCRC. We have volunteer opportunities for all skill levels. While we certainly appreciate those with trade skills, we are also continually seeking people with a passion to maintain and continually improve or facilities. Bring yourself, your family, your church, group or club. We would love to have your help so we can continue to offer a great place for reasonable prices.
Questions about how you can volunteer? Please contact Brandon at 360.721.9369 or director@opretreat.org
Some ongoing projects include:
Weekly Lawn Mowing (April-July)
Skilled Trades (Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Roofing, etc.)
Spring Spruce up (deep cleaning of buildings, flower planting, etc.)
Gutter Cleaning
Spraying and/or removal of Gorse (noxious weed)
Weeding all the flower beds
Washing all the windows (inside and out)
Pressure wash and seal the various decks around the site
Lubricate all the door hinges and locks
Fix/Replace Signage on our trail system
Clean up tree debris around the property
Pray for the Campers and Guests that they would experience the power of the Holy Spirit and love of Christ in this place!


To volunteer for our summer camp programs, please fill out an application